Fix the USA — kick some pirate ass

This video from Jib Jab came out in July, but it’s worth repeating because it shows Obama the super hero tackling all of the major issues facing modern day America: war in the Middle East, the Global Financial Crisis, Health Crisis and … yes… pirates.

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One thought on “Fix the USA — kick some pirate ass

  1. Another fine example of Mr. Obama knowing how to use the internet to his favour. This clip would have taken 20 minutes out of his day, and now it’s just spreading its propaganda magic.

    Although, this vid has broken JibJab’s reputation for being fair and balanced, not in a FOX “fair and balanced” kind of way. And, interestingly enough, hasn’t gone as viral as “this land is your land” cartoon with Kenny and Bush. I wonder if they lost the conservative internet watchers? Or whether people simply thought it wasn’t as funny as other JibJab vids?

    Oh, by the way, check this out:

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