Australia says no… to zombie video games

The Australian Classification Board doesn’t like zombies. Or at least it doesn’t like the latest blood and guts video game starring zombies, the long anticipated Left 4 Dead 2.

The game has not passed the MA 15+ classification requirement in Australia and has, as such, been banned. In the land down under there is no such thing as an R rated game.

As a result the geeks are filling the internets up with all kinds of hysterical frustration that they cannot cut a fictional zombie’s arm off with a chainsaw in their living room.

And you know, it’s kind of sad.

I’ll admit, I don’t really get into video games. Lan parties, where twenty guys (or, once in a blue moon, girls) get together in a living room, hook their computers up and kill zombies together, seem kind of lame to me. But that doesn’t mean I want to prevent those sad 20 or 30 somethings from enjoying their nerdy nerd fun.

After all, some of them are good friends of mine.

But censorship in Australia is not doing the geeks of our nation any favours. What with Communication Minister Stephen Conroy’s mythical Great Fire Wall of Australia and the infamous black listed dentists, the poor pale sun deprived geeks can’t handle any more blows to their virtual universes.

Plus it’s kind of embarrassing reading about it in overseas media.

As this dude from News says, ” You don’t have to be a psychopath to want to play banned video games”. His sentiment is something I agree with:

What we need is a grown-up approach to grown-up video games. We need to introduce a rating scheme that keeps adult games out of the hands of children without prohibiting everything that’s unsuitable for a 15-year-old.

Essentially, I can walk down to my local Blockbuster video and hire out some seriously whack violence, but even if I wanted to I couldn’t pretend to do it myself in a game — at least not legally.

However, I also think this matter needs to be resolved because we online media whores are sick of having our Twitter feeds clogged up with the ranting and raving of gore starved geeks.

Most of the media produced regarding Australia’s censorship of video games comes from gaming forums, magazines and blogs. They are angry, often polemic and rarely in support of the ban. More to the point, there are thousands of them.

For me the interesting part is that the geeks say the characters in the games are fictional and also they are zombies, so it’s not like you’re pretending to hack off a real person’s limbs is it?

Ummm yeah. Makes you think, huh?

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