Zombie pirate popularity stats

Yar me hearties! The end of semester has blown in faster than anyone could have expected and now it is time for me to measure my pirate popularity with a bit of analytics treasure hunting. For the benefit of Admiral Renee Barns of the good fleet RMIT journo I hereby display my markings:

In two months 379 ships docked in the port of Zombie Pirate Journalism — would have been more if we hadn’t abandoned the Royal Melbourne server in despair at her hideous inner workings.

That be 250 in September and 129 in October (it’s still early days and I’ve been lazy of late).

The most number of ships docked in a day was the night of launch September 10 2009 with 36 rascals ashore.

I laid out 14 parchments and two books, receiving only eight bottled messages back in return. Scoundrels.

The most popular parchments were Zombie Pirate Movie Madness with 32 and the book Eleri Mai Harris: Zombie Pirate Journalist with 31. I got 19 for me Zombie Pirate Resume and Aussie Navy Thwart Somali Pirates.

Only two came looking for me in particular with the search terms “Eleri Mai Harris” and “Eleri Harris pirate blog”. The most popular search term was “zombie pirate” (now there’s a surprise) with nine referrals from the Google masters. Five came in on “pirate zombie”,  three on “zombies pirates”, two on “zombie pirates”, “zombie” and “pirates zombie”. Me favourite search term of the lot is “enraged parrot” (only one).

Now bearing in mind I’ve posted a few on the old Facebooks and a couple on the parrot Twitter, the best bet to up the ante on Zombie Pirate Journalism would be to link to other zombie pirate type materials in me blogroll and post more than just the once a week — perhaps a future of unemployment and a reasonable (cough cough) internet connect might ensure we become the most popular zombie pirate internet event in the history of that worldwideweb thingy.

Might also be worthwhile installing that site monitor contraption to count the countries these wretches sail in from.

Also given most popular blog was about movies, perhaps I should look into reviewing things further? SBS is having a zombie movie special this November… and I will be otherwise unoccupied…

Clearly it be my coverage of the arts world that they like most. I pledge to continue my zombie pirate ways at least until I get more than 50 ships in a day.

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