Shiver me timbers! What the hell happened to me?

So the heat clearly got to me last November because when some lady from Prime TV in Canberra called and offered me a job I threw away a scholarship to Indonesia and hot tailed to our nation’s capital.

Turned out me and regional commercial television were not a match made in heaven – who would have guessed? And our union only lasted a few brief weeks, it was terribly sad and grief ridden, but the worst thing was the blog I started for it.

Worst because it was probably the singularly most successful thing I’ve ever achieved on the internet – totally by accident – and it had such a short life. It was called “Prime of my Life” and with only three posts and a couple of retweets it achieved something I have never managed to before… 2000 hits in 4 days. Who those people are I don’t know, but what I do know is the blog was briefly re-published on Mumbrella.

And I totally freaked out.

While the blog was, I will admit, utterly hilarious – yes I am a comedy genius when handed the reins of a regional news website… I am more proud of that story about the Gundagai Dog on the Tuckerbox than anything else I have written… the fear that I would lose my job prompted me to delete the damn thing.

Of course I went and quit within a week, but that’s neither here nor there.

I got myself a job at the Canberra City News as a political reporter in the Territory Assembly where I can happily while my time away making notes in Question Time and marveling at the insanity of the inner workings of the Australian Capital Territory.

The only really problem I can foresee is the ability for me to continue my life as a zombie pirate journalist in a land locked city on the shores of a lake beset by blue green algae.

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