Land locked, in more ways than one

Welcome to Canhole, the land-locked capital where nothing ever happens to the point where you forget to breathe, bitch or blog even – at least until you find your own delightful crew of geeks to argue with over a pint.

Somewhere between a gig at The Front in Lynham back in March where my friend Kishore played in his band Kid Sam and about ten minutes ago when I decided I want to live in Vermont, it seemed like everything the last few months has happened underwater.

I’ve seen Kid Sam play a million times before, but it was different this time because I wasn’t battling mobs of hipsters in some back alley bar in Melbourne… I peacefully downed my Coopers Pale Ale in a crowd of 50 odd and made fun of Kish when he wouldn’t sign a CD for a star struck teenager.

We talked about the upcoming release of their video clip for the song “I’m mostly made of water”, the filming of which I was present at sometime in September 2009. I think it turned out pretty well, but the cross over moment wasn’t quite what I anticipated:

Kishore wasn’t drinking because he had to be at Centrelink in Melbourne for a 9am dole appointment. Hello rock stardom. Hope things are looking better for him a couple of months down the track, I heard his other band Otouto got a grant to tour America last week.

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