Getting down Pirate style with Gary

Over the weekend former ACT Greens candidate, events co-ordinator, Canberra circus performer and local personality Elena Kirschbaum held what can only be described as the most fun I have ever had in my life.

Or, in layman’s terms, a Pirate Treasure Hunt in Civic.

At 10.30am Saturday morning this intrepid CityNews reporter was not camped outside GG’s house waiting for Julia Gillard PM to arrive and announce the inevitable election. No no, none of that high flung fancy Federal stuff.

No, I was dressed like a pirate and hanging out in Glebe Park with my scurvy crew, waiting for my first clue. And yes we may have been the only grown-ups sans children present.

In a hybrid scavenger hunt/orienteering event Kirschbaum and her sister, also called Julia, had pasted treasure maps and hints all over the city, leading us to scoop gold dabloons out of the Assembly fountain, ride on the Carosel, terrorise the stall holders at Gorman House and build a ship out of a cardboard box.

But for me the highlight was a chance meeting with ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries and candidate for the seat of Canberra, Guilia Jones.

Moments before the Prime Minister called the election – August 21 FYI – Guilia snapped a picture of Gary, myself and ACT Wonk Drinks benevolent leader Tess Kerr outside the Canberra Centre in full pirate regalia (aka what I wear to work plus a hat). Hilarious.

There was also a sausage sizzle and oranges for the scurvy crew at the end.

Two more Pirate Hunts will be held in 2010, on Saturday 25th September and Friday 19th November. Email Elena or check out the Facebook group for more details.

I cannot recommend the Pirate Hunt enough – YAARRRR!!

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