Flowers and fish

This semester I took an art class with Frank Thirion, a wonderful teacher recommended to me by my friend Claire De Luca.

We covered all kinds of crazy stuff where he messed with my mind: drawing striped boxes, collapsed paper bags, smashed and shattered lumps of metal and feet!

But the last class was an all day print-making workshop, which went far too quickly.

Never having done any kind of print-making ever in my life, I was fascinated by the process and wanted to spend more time playing around with different colours and layers.

It was a steep learning curve and I wished I had more more time to play around once I’d figured the system out, the question is do I want to go out and buy all the gear to do more of this myself?

I made fish and flowers, which were not as good as the birds of paradise Hannah Ky McCann made. Damn.

UPDATE: Frank has been short-listed for the ARCHIBALD PRIZE!!! (Australia’s biggest, most respected portrait prize)

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