Comic book nerd success!

The other evening I went to the launch of the amazing Beginnings: a comics anthology edited by ACT Comic Meet.

Edited by Emma Jean Stewart, the book is a collection of 24 comics from 38 artists with 175 pages of wonderful, glossy cartoon goodness.

And I’m in it.

In lurid purple and red and green ink: six pages of fame with ‘Addicted to Derby’.

You can get the anthology online at Etsy and it’s totally worth it; the folks at Impact Comics in Canberra have said it’s selling fast.

An offshoot of the experience was I made an audio package for Nerdzilla, the ABC’s national geek podcast streaming to you from my hometown, Hobart (listen from about halfway in).

They pronounced my name incorrectly (it’s ELLE-AIR-EE not ELLE-ERRR-EEE) but I will forgive them and probably make them more audio packages on geekery should they so desire.

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