Seizure Magazine Music Edition: I am totally in it yo

If you’d like a nice shiny magazine full of interesting cool things, then buy a copy of Seizure‘s Music edition, coming out soon available for pre-sale now.

If you don’t like shiny things, coolness or anything fun you should buy a copy anyway because I WILL BE IN IT. YES THERE WILL BE A COMIC OF MINE IN IT.

And it’s funny. And it’s about Meredith Music Festival in Victoria, which I will be missing this year because I am not in Australia.

If you don’t buy it I won’t ever get asked to do another comic again and my career will crumple in a ball and I will be run over by a train here in White River Junction and no one will ever remember I existed and that is terrible so PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN.

Love Eleri

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