Australian Caravan of Comics in Canada

Way back in May I was lucky enough to meet up with the delightful crew of the 2013 Australian Caravan of Comics at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

It was such a pleasure to drink Canadian larger with Scarlette Baccini, Mirranda Burton, Marijka Gooding, Gregory Mackay, Dan Hayward and Bruce Mutard, when they asked me to contribute to their IndieGoGo anthology Small Sales and True: From the Caravan of Comics, I was totally thrilled and made a two page watercolour comic about our time together.

Too bad they ended up PRINTING IN BLACK AND WHITE.

Freaking Australians. Whatever.

The launch party was last week in Melbourne and I cannot for the life of me find anywhere online to purchase them. So if you’re in Oz, I’d say hassling Bruce is your best bet.

And here is my TCAF comic in all its colourful glory, for your viewing pleasure.

Caravan-Comic-P1 Caravan-Comic-P2

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